We are a clean beauty brand devoted to creating conscious self-care products to help you feel good in your skin. Our aim is to encourage self-love & healthy living as well as mental well-being and inclusivity.

Born in Beirut for urbanistes with high intensity lifestyle, Potion Kitchen has roots in Lebanon’s province, where we harness the bounties of the Mediterranean, extracting the best of its high performance ingredients, distilling to perfection freshly cut botanicals to create scented potions. Join our journey!


As a clean beauty advocate, we aim to break the exclusivity of plant-based cosmetics, hence our all-natural formulas are made without synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, Petrolatum, mineral oils, Sulphates, Parabens, Silicones and animal testing.

We are concerned about toxic standards as much as we are concerned about toxic ingredients. We believe that the physical and mental harm caused by common beauty standards is equally important to ingredient’s safety.

Susitanabilty Matters

Better for you and better for the environment!

Backed by science, our products are made with renewable ingredients and superfoods. We think about the environment when we formulate, pack and ship. Over 80% of our products are filled in glass bottles and our outer packaging is all made out of recycled cardboards.

Join our rewarding program: Return any of your empty glass bottles and get 10% off your next shipment.

Meet the Maker

Scientist/Entrepreneur, Founder of Potion Kitchen, Lebanon’s first 100% clean beauty brand.

Rafa is an industrial chemist and clean beauty innovator, with 10 years’ experience in top management and R&D formulation for FMCG, a Master’s degree in industrial technology and a diploma in organic skin care formulation.

Passionate about moving the beauty and wellness industry forward towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, she had launched Potion Kitchen back in 2018 to fulfill her lifelong desire to invent a cosmetics label that aims to democratize sustainable self-care products and to break the stigma of mainstream beauty standards.