Wise and enlightened, she’s present with full consciousness and connectedness.

Through its instinctual beauty, the feminine energy resulted in the formulation of the Mind, Heart and Soul! While every woman is a combination of all three, each one is distinctive. Visionary, Avant-Garde, and Mindful are three women who exist in synergy to better humankind, despite their differences.

A Tale imagined by Potion Kitchen!

Please check each product individually.

The products are arranged inside the Vanity Cloth Pouch, shown in the picture, that is offered for Free.

• Harmony Hand & Body Wash 300ml: A generous hand & body wash formula with skin softening and nourishing ingredients, that gently emulsify and remove dirt while leaving skin thoroughly cleansed.

• Jasmine Body Oil 250ml: Instantly soothing and relaxing, the mixture of Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil & Almond oil makes our Jasmine Body Oil perfect to help restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

• Cedarwood essential oil 5ml: Our 100% pure Cedarwood essential oil is known for its easing and relaxing properties.

• Complimentary Vanity Cloth Pouch.

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