6 self-care steps we guarantee you’ll have time to do

Committing to a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression - it can actually boost your mood and give you the kick you need (without a coffee). Most of us skip our “me time” – while falling asleep with a full-face of makeup on and rushing to get ready for work the next day. Getting a self-care routine going isn’t always the easiest with our fast-paced lifestyles – but it’s not impossible.

To kick-start this routine, let’s add to our rituals, a few self-care tips and tricks that don’t require a full day-off, but just a few minutes that’ll will keep our spirit up! Here is a list of 8 steps we suggest:

1. Prepare tomorrow’s schedule.

At the end of each day, take 10 mins to prepare the next day’s schedule. Include all your activities and don’t forget to set goals. Limit each activity with a realistic time frame. Having a roadmap will make your day less busy and organized. Trust us, this will reduce a load of stress!

2. Give a rose quartz roller a go in the morning.

Using a rose quartz roller on your face will reduce puffiness, the tired skin look – and is suggested to promote the look of elasticity, firmness and tone. In addition, the smoothness of the rose quartz roller helps our potions (or any other’s) seep right into your skin. Pop your face roller into the freezer for an extra kick!

3.Prepare a morning playlist

Prepare a pick-me-up playlist to listen to in the morning. What’s better than waking up to your favorite jam? This will set up a good start for the rest of your day.

4. Commit to a skin care routine that works for you.

Here is our 4 steps routine suggestion:

1- Cleanse: start by washing your face with whichever face wash you love. Twice a week, integrate one of our face masks for some extra cleansing.

Pro tip: when in a hurry, apply a few drops of water to a pea size amount of the mask. Apply to your face, massage in circular motion for seconds and rinse with water. Enjoy the instant glow!

2 - Hydrate: Keeping your face hydrated will rejuvenate your skin so it looks and feels plump. Our Rose Aloe Hydrating Mist can be used as a toner that hydrates your skin and prepares it for the next step.

3 - Treat: Plant based serums are definitely the way to go. Rosehip Oil is one of the top oils – suitable for all skin types - for both optimizing healthy regeneration of skin cells and smoothing scar tissue. It restores skin tone, hydrates, corrects hyperpigmentation and reduces acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines. It also protects against sun damage and acts as a natural retinol (source of Vitamin A). Apply one or two drops of your facial serum on each side of your face. Gently tap on the cheeks, chin and forehead for a few moments to help your skin absorb it.

4 – Moisturize: To reduce skin problems such as extreme dryness or extreme oiliness, use your favorite day or night cream to moisturize.

5. Meditate

While meditating, even for just a few minutes a day, focus your attention and eliminate thoughts that are crowding your mind and causing stress. Meditating might be hard in the being, but bit-by-bit, you’ll get into the habit of increasing your meditation time.

6. Use relaxing aromatherapy practices

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy and is known to promote relaxation. Here are 3 ways to use the lavender essential oil:

1. Apply 2-3 drops on your pillow before going to sleep to enjoy a restful night.

2. Add 15 drops to a diffuser and enjoy a stress-free environment.

3. Add 10 drops to a warm bath to relax your body and mind.

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