Chocolate Lip Scrub


The ideal remedy for chapped lips! Besides smelling delicious, the chocolate lip scrub works by removing dead skin cells on the surface of the lips and moisturizing them with shea butter and coconut oil. Cacao powder, an evident constituent of this scrub nourishes the skin with anti-oxidants and protects the collagen in the lips. Massaging increases the blood supply to the lips proving them with nutrients and leaving them soft and glowing.

Size: 25g


Dimensions: 2cm x 5cm ( length x diameter )


Directions of Use: Take a pea sized amount and massage gently in circular motion on the lips for not less than a minute. Remove with a wet washcloth. 


Key Ingredients: Sucrose, Prunus amygdalus oil, Theobroma cocoa powder

Weight: 32.3g

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