Candle Accessory Set


Introducing our exclusive Candle Accessory Set, the perfect complement to your favorite candles. This elegantly crafted set includes all the essential accessories to elevate your candle experience to the next level.

The set includes a sleek and stylish wick trimmer, designed to easily and safely trim the wick to the perfect length for an even and clean burn. The candle snuffer is the ideal tool to extinguish your candle without the need for blowing, minimizing the risk of hot wax splatters and preserving the scent of your candle.

Our set also includes a wick dipper, which is perfect for extinguishing your candle while avoiding the smoky aftermath of blowing out a flame. The wick dipper allows you to gently push the wick into the melted wax pool and lift it back up, extinguishing the flame while coating the wick in wax, ready for the next burn.

With its exquisite design and high-quality materials, this set is a must-have addition to any candle collection. Experience the ultimate candle burning experience with our Candle Accessory Set.

Wick Trimmer: Designed to improve the performance of your candle by guiding you to trim the wick to the proper length before each burn. Trimming the wick promotes an even and clean burn and aids in the removal of soot and black smoke.

Wick Dipper: Hook the wick with the dipper and extinguish the candle by dipping it in and out of the melted wax. The flame will go out without producing any smoke or soot. The wick dipper can also be used to adjust the position of the wick and ensure an even melt.

Candle Snuffer: To safely extinguish your candle, place the candle snuffer as close to the melted wax as possible.

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