Potion Kitchen x Guide.lb - Anastasia's Favorites Box

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It must be love at first sight, for Anastasia to have visited over 50 countries, and have fallen head over heels for one: Lebanon...

Anastasia, a blogger, reviewer and guide whose honesty and authenticity resonate with our brand, became passionate about the beauty of the simple breathtaking Lebanese nature and the wonderful places to visit.

Rooted in Lebanon, Potion Kitchen aims to harness the bounties of the Mediterranean's lush landscape bringing you the best of its botanicals, to create clean potions and scented tales.

Together we are proud to have joined forces to showcase Lebanon's natural beauty in various ways! Potion Kitchen x Guide.lb, is a box featuring Anastasia's handpicked selection of her favorite products from Potion Kitchen. This exclusive collaboration highlights the beauty of Lebanon's natural ingredients and their beneficial properties.

Inside the Box:

  • Rose Quartz Skin Roller
  • Rosehip Geranium Facial Serum 
  • Union Cedarwood Scented Soy Candle
  • Lavender Body Oil
  • Balance Hand & Body Wash - 300 ml
  • Cocado Sun Tan Oil
  • "Lebanon, a Natural Beauty” Vanity Pouch x Guide.lb

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