6 Tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing during Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan your skin needs special attention. The sudden changes in dietary habits may lead to skin dehydration, dullness and breakouts... & that’s completely normal. Here are a few tips to help you maintain healthy and luminous skin.

1. Drink water, water… & some more water!

This is, with no doubt, the most important tip. A long day without water during hot weather can leave your skin dehydrated. Try drinking at least 8 cups of water between iftar and suhoor to make up for the whole day.

2. Moisturize your skin

Even though water cannot be replaced, moisturizing your skin is crucial to avoid dull looking and dry skin. Our Lavender Body Oil can have a great added value to restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Apply a handful of the Lavender Body Oil during or after the shower on the body and massage in circular motions. Tip: After finishing your shower, apply on wet skin before toweling. It will leave the skin with a balmy effect, feeling fresh and silky soft.

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3. Limit your sun exposure

Try to stay in the shades as much as possible as sun exposure will only help damage your skin further during this month. Always apply sun-screen, even if you are indoor. Note, you should re-apply your sun screen every couple of hours.

4. Stay refreshed


Even if you are not in direct sun exposure, heat can not only affect your skin but also your physical movement and well-being. Our Rose Aloe Hydrating Mist is a multifunctional hydrating mist that tones, regenerates, and moisturizes the skin while helping to enhance your mood. It also restores the pH balance of the skin and acts as a cleanser to help unclogging skin pores. As a result, skin is left soothed, refreshed, purified, and protected. It can be used as a toner, after sun lotion and as a refreshing mist. To use it as a refreshing mist, spray it on as often as you feel the need to in order to get an instant refreshing boost. Leave it on to act and don't wipe it off to help the penetration of the active ingredients.

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5. Choose healthy food

Your diet can directly affect your skin. Choosing healthy food, not only during Ramadan month, is highly recommended. To increase the chances of keeping a radiant and healthy-looking skin, eat fruits that are full of antioxidants, like strawberries or blueberries. Avoid junk food, and focus on fiber-rich snacks or meals as they help repair your skin. Food high in nutritious minerals and salts; watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes and celery, is endorsed, as it helps your body absorb water more effectively.

6. Create you own at home spa!

If you are looking for a distraction during your day, why not seize the opportunity to take care of yourself?! Create you own at home spa and pamper yourself. Whether it is taking care of your facial skin, body skin, or your mood and inner self; just do it and enjoy your time. You can check our shop for products that can be useful such as facial masks and serums, scented candles, body wash, scrub and oil, aromatherapy essential oils, and much more!

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For more skin and self-care tips, you can always contact us!

Ramadan Mubarak!

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